Messaging Solutions

Send and receive SMS Messages between Customers and Company to build the customer satisfaction to its maximum.

Save time and save money!

On average, an SMS is delivered within six seconds.

Application-to-person SMS messages will grow to 3 trillion.

There are around 7 billion devices able to send and receive SMS in the world.

SMS solutions

SMS is the most used feature on phones after the call option.

More than 90% of recipients will read an SMS within 5 minutes.

SMS is familiar and completely platform, operator, and handset independent.

No modern business can compete effectively without an SMS messaging solution.


Messaging technology for services such as connected home, identity verification, mobile commerce, banking, community-based services, healthcare, exchanging personalized services, and sharing mobile wallets all use A2P SMS to initiate transactions, confirmations, notifications, and identity verification.

For companies looking to reach their audience, SMS is the way to go!

Financial Institution – Bank, Insurance Companies
Travel Companies – Airlines or Indian Railways, Agencies or its Authorized Agencies
Educational Institutions – Schools and Universities, Registered Educational Institutions
Registered Companies – E-commerce Companies, Social Networks
Community-based services – NGOs, Political Parties

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