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A customer journey starts long before the customer hits your website, and content is the most important part of search strategy, but context describes the environment in which users might utilize the information and builds trust.

Context and Content Strategy

The best design and content depends on the context. There are five important contextual elements to design for location, locomotion, immediacy, intimacy, and device to encourage real user interactions with suitable use of information design. Experience Design is a continuous process of testing, audience-analysis, implementing best practices, focusing on data, developing content, and visuals.


We do all research before planning your web strategy.
We understand your audience and build relationship with well-crafted content.
We keep it simple for audience. Every micro message must aligned with company’s macro message.
We build customer focused web tactics and identify how effectively you are going to tell your story.
We craft content and visuals for ideal audiences.
Social media interactions: Quality content with social media generate 60% more leads.

Mobile Experience

Website viewed on a mobile device is not always optimized for that device. Building an online presence for search behaviors across any device with respect to geography and buying cycle, as on-the-go websites should serve information that’s immediately actionable. For mobile-device-search, geography is more likely taken into consideration than desktop search because of search behavior differences. Organic search traffic from mobile devices with engaging content for mobile use is the key. How people interact with different devices, what keywords they are using, as mobile users are often using different words to find content. More and more organisations use mobile and SMS applications for faster decision making by enabling easy and fast access to information. Mobile apps can enhance the productivity of organization or can aggregate content and stream it to your users.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Are you having a hard time ranking in Google’s local results? Local SEO is a lot different from your average SEO campaign. Google likes websites that are trustworthy, provide a good experience for its users, and contain the answers that its users are looking for. Validated SEO techniques provide the best, long-lasting results. Ongoing SEO efforts will protect your website from the ill effects of future algorithm changes, and scores higher on these factors, than your competitors.

Video Creation

Video introduction we will make sure your message goes across to your audience. The creation of engaging videos increases your chances of capturing the attention and encouraging engagement with potential customers on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. They also mean that website visitors stay on your website for longer, which is great for SEO.

App Experiential Marketing

As the name implies, app experiential marketing refers to the customer experiences with a brand, product, or service that allow users to interact in a sensory way. The way a brand functions and the feelings it evokes within us are vital to the ultimate perception we possess of it. It’s no secret that long-term business success lies in the personalisation of the overall customer experience. It triggers motivation more than any other channel of communication. Afterall your experiences are kind of uniquely yours.
Design and UX changes are crucial to improving app usage and brand interaction with users. Design can truly transform the way companies solve big problems and leaving customers satisfied and excited to return for more.

Programmatic Native Advertising

Technology incited extreme change in the advertising industry and continuously shifting towards automated, contextual, programmatic native advertising. More skills and efforts will be used towards creating a personalized experience, creative aspects for engaging, and effective advertisement. Digital advertising will open doors for more engagement, creativity than ever that will go beyond banners and drive commerce through location-based content. The personalized digital experience will be interest-based and that will change how consumers interact with brands forever; making their relationship more transparent and based on real value.

Website maintenance.

We take care of your website so that you can take care of your business and have complete peace of mind that your online presence is being maintained. It’s as simple as that.

With website maintenance activities we continuously monitor and iterate on the design based on user feedback and usability testing with activities like – Maintenance, support, improvements, user onboarding, user analysis, future customisation, monitoring, evaluate and advance, review, customer comments, uphold best practices, maintenance schedule, web analytics, content strategy, UX metrics – qualitative and quantitative analysis.