App Experiential Marketing

As the name implies, experiential marketing refers to the customer experiences with a brand, product, or service that allows users to interact in a sensory way. The way a brand functions and the feelings it evokes within us are vital to the ultimate perception we possess of it. It’s no secret that long-term business success lies in the personalisation of the overall customer experience. It triggers motivation more than any other channel of communication. Afterall your experiences are kind of uniquely yours.

Design and UX changes are crucial to improving app usage and brand interaction with users. Design can truly transform the way companies solve big problems and leaving customers satisfied and excited to return for more.

Experiential Marketing for Mobile Applications and how to Get App Downloads

One of the best ways to set up app marketing to meet your goals is to segment users and tailor the experience according to user behavior. Analytics ensures that you’ll be able to define your audiences clearly, how your users are acting, and use those defining characteristics to drive marketing strategy. Tracking downloads and signups is a key performance indicator for app startups. In many ways, tracking the way a user organically interacts with your app can inform the strategy of your campaigns.

Marketing campaigns acquire, engage, and convert app users with paid campaigns or in-app referrals. Most brands primarily invest in and measure paid acquisition campaigns from channels like Facebook or ad networks.

Experiential marketing targets consumers based on logical, emotional, and sensory experiences. Consumers, regardless of what they’ve heard about a product or service, ultimately keep buying based on how they personally interact with whatever the company offers. App Experiential Marketing is more about building a relationship with a relevant, personalised experience and not about PR stunt, making things viral on social media, or over-messaging. The key to successful customer engagement is to think about personalisation and context. Personalisation means targeting a larger group of users exhibiting the same behaviors and characteristics. Personalisation is a big part of evolving in-app and push messaging campaigns. Data-driven personalise experiences improve marketing ROI by 15%-20% or more.

App Experiential Marketing is a piece of your overall brand marketing plan. Creating connections through experiential marketing is a must to deliver personalised experiences.