The Process

UX process

We ensure our user experience specialist work throughout the process completely impartial and doesn’t bound with just wire-frames or UI.

1. Define (Requirement)

Requirements gathering and analysis, Task analysis, User and persona, Empathy, Customer journey planning, use cases, scenarios, Feature Matrix – feature priorities

2. Design (Planning)

Ideate, Research and competitive benchmarking, branding analysis, Brainstorming on how to make feature works with each other in complimentary way, site mapping, Information architecture, Sketch > Wireframes > Mockup > Prototype along with usability, user testing and feedback

3. Code (Development)

Code, testing- developers do testing on their own code or functionality, Implementation – designers and developers work together for code integrations

4. QA (Evaluate)

QA testing – The testing team rigorously performs the QA, Accessibility review, Usability and user testing activities

5. Release (Launch)

Migrate live to domain or test server, additional maintenance, bug fixing if any, admin training

6. Maintenance (Support)

Additional maintenance, support, use analysis, future customisaation, Monitoring, Evaluate and advance, Review, customer comments, uphold best practices, maintenance schedule, web analytic